Since 2005 Internet Driving School, LLC has offered excellent service to the area of Essex County, Morris County, and Union County, providing driver education courses for new and seasoned New Jersey drivers.

We encourage our students to take lessons at various times of the day and in different weather conditions. This way, you are learning how to cope with any situation you may be faced with after you have passed your test. When a passenger enters your car, they expect that you have a valid driver’s license and that they will arrive at their destination safely. Teenagers and adults who have just received their learner’s permit from the department of motor vehicles cannot wait to get behind the wheel.

Internet Driving School, LLC will teach you how to drive and not just how to pass the driving test.

Having a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. All residents must have a driver’s license to operate a vehicle of any kind on a public highway or in a parking facility.